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Spring Eq - M

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Spring EQ made to be easy to control with hardware MIDI controllers, using 4 or 5 controls.
PEQ4 was not satisfactory in this respect (changing bands is complicated), that's the main reason it was made.

While primarily intended for use with spring reverb, by boosting a single band by 24dB, it can certainly be used for other applications.


- Spring EQ M is a mono insert FX (copy the device in your Mono FX folder).

- The circuit includes a 12dB high-pass filter, followed by a 24dB parametric band, and then a 6dB low-pass filter ("Damp").

- The "Curve" function allows you to change the 24dB parametric band into a "12dB parametric + 12dB high-shelf" filter.

- The "Input" level is used to prevent clipping within the equalizer.

- The "Output" is a 12dB amplifier gain. It is especially useful with negative EQ gain or when you isolate a narrow band and loose volume.

Includes a preset list with a "No Midi CC" preset and two personal templates.



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