Planetary Redemption Electro Dub

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Planetary Redemption Electro Dub

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Begins with a "bass & key" sequence made with SpaceF Neodyne + KrOn controlling a rebach VCO-A oscillator as well as an EricaSynth Picro VCO, all going into a SpaceF Tri-Delay with spacey resonances. The organ is from korg M1 vsti, doubled with a Sonic Core B2003 (I think that's the one we hear the most,with the stereo "leslie"' effect). Quickly mastered at home with Ozone 8 (on win7). most other sounds = korg M1 plugin (piano, mute guit), arturia DX7-V (lead keys) and probably Blue II for the pad/voice in the back (or one of my magma sample for Pigment, not sure now as i never note which preset/vsti is used once bounced) .

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