Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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Re: Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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valis wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 4:47 am Chickensys and the other conversion app (CDXtract?) both worked with varying degrees of (greater) success, as did I believe kontakt import then conversion.
Yep, I used CD-xtract for AKAI to Halion 2 and AKAI to Kontakt 3 or 4 (can´t remember).
It worked,- but the biggest difference is sound.
EMU didn´t work well for Halion 2 and needed LOTS of edits after conversions.

I believe STS being the closest to AKAI hardware sound,- and my tech and friend, being Scope user too, confirmed.
We have the original hardware,- I alone own 4 AKAI (working S1K and S1.1K, 2 spares), 2 Oberheim DPX-1 w/ ext. outputs options and 1 EMU E64.
But we recapped S1K PSUs last week and I plan sales.
So, I need working conversions "soon".


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Re: Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! I mentioned this before, but for anyone who isn't aware, I have changed my mind and I now want the software installation CDs ONLY! If anybody has them, please come forward.
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Re: Wanting to purchase Creamware CDs

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Peter Drake wrote: Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:35 pm Hey, that was easy, I have the red one.
Creamware Scope 4.5 CD
Creamware June 1998 updates
Pulsar 1.0, 1.1, 2.04
Scope 3.1b, 3.1c
Blue sample disc

I don't even have a CD ROM drive anymore. All these discs range from pristine to fairly scuffed, and I'll send them to you if you like.

Takes me way back to first witnessing TripleDat in 1995? When I saw someone demoing a parametric EQ change of frequency and Q with just one hand on a mouse, while playing multiple tracks, on a 486 PC... Trivial nowadays, but I remember my head almost exploding with the excitement of the new possibilities and power at the time.
I think I would go to great lengths just to have the original TripleDat Osiris plugin running again; something so muscular and rubbery about that sub-bass enhancer... Or I'm just idealizing the past.

Cheers, Peter
Hi Peter,

Have the CDs been sent yet? I have tried to send this message multiple times via PM, but they keep getting stuck in the outbox. My shipping address is correct, but you certainly don't need to ask me again here for obvious reasons. Please respond as soon as you can!
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