Interesting: Max/MSP RNBO

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Interesting: Max/MSP RNBO

Post by spacef »

looks nice as it export a patch as a VST plugin or C++ code.
Apparently, it can export/create panels too, but I haven't yet understood if those must be code or javascript or else.

Anyone tried ?

"make Max interesting again" :-) (I never really used it so I can't say)
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Re: Interesting: Max/MSP RNBO

Post by valis »

I still want a MOD Duo X, and so I've debated turning one of my Raspberry Pi's into a MODEP to fiddle with something akin to that environment. PD has worked well for Raspberry Pi realtime for a while now too, and can be used on MODEP. I'm curious to see how this fits into that stack...
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