Neodyne Presets - Sync & Wheel

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Neodyne Presets - Sync & Wheel

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A few 20 presets for neodyne. All useable as monophonic sounds, even though a few are in the poly folder, to use with 3 voices of poly (volume was revised to be used mono, so check volumes).

These presets concentrate on modwheel and sync sounds. That's because my keyboard with aftertouch is broken, so I am using an old one without AT.
Some show how to modulate the osc 2 synced, with modwheel though mod mix 2. There is also a couple of presets where vibrato is generated through modmix 2, while modwheel vibrato is set to a gain of 0, because it is used mainly for sync pitch. Also, some show modulating the Vox filter with ModWheel. Generally it is good to add a bit of mod wheel modulation on the BP filter, so synch is harder/more obvious as the filters goes higher. many presets have those settings already.
And of course the pitch-bend-per-osc thing which is awesome, right?

Bass sounds simply show a bass with a layer on high frequencies, made to play arpeggios or sequences, to let the high freq modulation develop well. or just cut the high freq layer by muting the appropriate filter(s) (generally BP and filter 3).

Some examples : ... sync-wheel

To adjust the bass/mid/highs in your mix, just use the 3 bands of the output section (add/remove highs/mids etc). it works very well to beef up sounds.

All presets use the basic osc and filters.
Enjoy !
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