New FX BlackBox III (May 2022)

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New FX BlackBox III (May 2022)

Post by spacef »

- Available in BlackBox III download area

Available in two zips:
----> In a zip with only new devices (file = "New-Devices-May-2022", blue icon)
----> As part of a Full repack (in the "Latest Repack" sub-folder )

Warning: don't overwrite your presets with the ones in the zip and which might be older than your own list (ie, you could lose presets).

New devices (all files are also part of the "latest repack may 2022"):
1) 7 Bands M & S (Mono and Stereo Insert FX)
2) Mix12 (BB3 version with 2 more busses and inverted wave input ("W" channel))
3) FilteQ-1 insert (re-upload-was forgotten in previous repack) (Stereo insert FX)
4) Split4-S (Stereo Insert FX)
5) Sync Delay (Stereo Insert FX) = a remake of BB2's "Small Echo II" but even slightly lighter. A nice beat delay with a small dsp footprint.
6) Tri-Delay-Basics (Stereo Insert FX): three delay that can be individually set to sync/ms, with various filters and 2 LFOs for modulation, and cool resonance. Advised: add Vinco S at the inputs. Add phasers, filters or other delays in the post-delay-inserts. An FX after the wet+dry mix allows to compress dry and wet signals in the same device. ... quick-demo

----> BB3 is still 99€ instead of 139/149€ until end of June ... ll-bundle/

See you in June/July as I would like to re-do the "Mod Filters" of BB2 in a new improved format.
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Re: New FX BlackBox III (May 2022)

Post by yayajohn »

Awesome! Thank you.
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