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Modular Mixer v1 - content

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This is what's inside the Modular Mixer v 1 (approx. 42/43 MB):
Please refer to the user guide of Modular Mixer v2 for information about connecting modules and general functioning of the system.
Modular Mixer v1 modules can be used with v2 (compatible). Only difference is the color management system.


The Channels with an "L" in the name have a Gain Fader while the others don’t (they are to be used like groups of effect racks).

Channels 2 (2 channels)

Channels 4

Channels 8

Channels 10

Channels 12

Channels 16

Master Bus for multiple scope boards (PCI)

Mergers (allow to mix 2 stems/routers together)


SideChainers: Volume modulation (reversible)

Stems and Routers Stems have a level fader while routers are simple bus routers.
plug-ins for scope
SpaceF website
SC website
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